Why Hioshi? It's a great question and before you buy a shear, you should know the answer to that question.  We believe you should gather as much information as you can so  you can make an informed decision.  

Here are a few of our thoughts.. 

Job One! Was to find the right manufacturer that had clients in place, so I put a lot of miles in airplanes and spent a lot of time on the phone until we found what we thought was the right manufacturer. We are very proud of the fact that we still use that same manufacturer 11 years later. The quality of every shear they make goes under multiple quality checks to make sure we don't get any surprises.  We couldn't be happier. 

Quality and Bling! Seems to be a really good matchup 11 years later. We use Japanese 440c Stainless Steel with added cobalt and titanium. Our factory will not lose an 11 year client so only the best technicians are allowed to work on Hioshi Shears.  

With names like Purple Chunker, Titanium Blue, Black Panther and the Gold Glider, you can be sure your clients will comment on the beauty of your shear and YOU can be confident that they will last far longer than most shears on the market.

Lastly, let's talk about price. There are lot's of high priced shears in the $800.00 - $1,200.00 price range. For the most part, these companies are reputable but for some reason they decided they should be higher priced than other shear companies like Hioshi. We understand that quality is important and we also understand that style means a lot to you, but what we don't understand is why do they charge so much? 

You'll never find a shear over $400.00 on our web site. 

Thanks for asking!!  :-)