Our Story

Hioshi Shears began while I owned a Cosmetology School and I was looking for a better pair of shears to include in our student kits. As a pure coincidence, I met a Master Stylist that had a vision to start a shear company but needed business help and after running car dealerships for 30 years, I offered to help while we found an amazing set of shears for our student kits.  
After several years, I found that Hioshi was a better fit for me so I sold the school, bought Hioshi Shears and off we went. The initial model I started out with was to put representatives on the road and knock on salon doors to sell shears. The model worked really great until I got cancer and had no choice but to focus and fight a hard battle for 5 years before Mayo Clinic called me cancer free!

Post cancer I set out to bring Hioshi "out of the ashes" and wouldn't you know, six months later Covid hit which effectively closed us up - until now!

Recently we have redesigned our web site and are offering our shears exclusively to you, on-line with all previous commissions deducted and sale priced to you every day. 

Pick out any shears that fit your style and you can count on me to take good care of the quality for you. 

Trust means a lot to me


 Bill Buysse                                                                                                     Owner                                                                                                           Hioshi Shears