Our Story

Hi, my name is Bill Buysse (pronounced bi-ce) and I’ve owned Hioshi Shears (pronounced he-oh-she) for 9 years now. Before Hioshi I was in the car business and ran dealerships all my life so the learning curve with Hioshi has been a fun one and a challenging one for me every step of the way.

After the car business and before Hioshi, I owned a Cosmetology School and actually found Hioshi while I was looking for a quality shear to replace the horrible shears that were being sold to me for our students. 

What I liked about Hioshi right away was it was obvious that the designs and styles were done with the stylist in mind because the owner was a Master Barber, Cosmetologist and Educator in the industry, so everything leaned towards the person and not the dollar.

The company made so much sense to me that I bought 100% interest in Hioshi Shears and immediately went about expanding its lines and moved into the Cosmetology School sector with incredible success, because we already knew what shears worked the best for student’s kits in my School. In December of 2011, I sold the school and devoted my full time efforts to Hioshi Shears.

The same business model that worked in the beginning still works today. Quality will always be job one with the finest components available and nothing will be priced over $299.00 including the Masters Collection.

On January 1st of 2018, Hioshi Shears began offering a payment plan on most shears with easy to afford down payments and small monthly payments. No credit checks, no high interest rates and no crazy finance charges to pay with us. Nope, just make a small payment on your shear every month.

We’re so happy to say the response has been overwhelming with tons of professionals thanking us for helping them afford a great shear.

Thanks for visiting Hioshi Shears, we very much appreciate it

Bill Buysse

President, Hioshi Shears