Hi, my name is Bill Buysse (pronounced bi-ce) and I’ve owned Hioshi Shears (pronounced he-oh-she) for 9 years now. Before Hioshi I was in the car business and ran dealerships all my life so the learning curve with Hioshi has been a fun one and a challenging one for me every step of the way.



Double Take
Double Take
Double Take
Double Take
Double Take
Double Take
Double Take

Double Take

$295.00 USD

Hioshi Double Take is the finest example of double swivel thumb technology on the market today. This shear is used by many stylists for its flexible design which allows a wider range of motion for increased creativity that is unheard of with "normal" shears. This is the shear that will potentially prevent or eliminate hand or wrist pain and help prevent Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. If you experience wrist or hand fatigue at the end of the day, the Double Take is the right shear for you. This is why it's one of the most popular shears in the Hioshi line. 

Color: Blue Titanium Zebra Stripe




i LOVE the shears and thinner from my student kit. I been out of school for a year now and there still cutting great Davenport, Iowa

Samantha CDavenport, Iowa

"In the past, I have owned several different brands of shears, including several that were new and improved designs. When I attended a hair show in Chicago, I looked at most of the booths and when I tried The "Black Panther" from Hioshi, they felt like they were made just for me. Couldn't be more pleased.

Rachel BChicago

Everything about you and your company is amazing. I love my shears and I love the service you provide.

JohnAlberta Canada

Thank you so much for your payment plan, it;s the only way I could afford to buy a pair of shears that I so desperately needed. I didn't even care if you charged me more or added on some fees to make payments to you but YOU DIDN'T!! You can count on me to buy all my shears from Hioshi!

LauraB Red Wing MN

Hi Bill and Pam, It was nice to meet you at the Las Vegas Hair Show. I could tell right away that you both very much cared about my needs and concerns but I wasn't as sure as you were that the Double Swivel would be the perfect shear for me but you are so passionate that I gave them a try. It took about 3 days to get the feel for it but my oh my, what an amazing difference it has made. I'm cutting in all different directions without moving my wrists and it feels awesome. Thanks you two, Hioshi Rocks!!


Why someone hasn't come up with a shear that weighs less by putting holes in them is beyond me but your Holy Shear is incredible. I could tell immediately the weight difference and I couldn't wait to use them for a while and when I did, it was amazing! Thanks Hioshi for being pioneers and coming up with some cool things for our industry Chicago Hair Show.

Laurie CChicago Hair Show.