Hioshi™ Pay Payment Plan

At Hioshi Shears, we consider your Shear a long term investment in your future and we understand that it can get expensive to buy that type of shear so we’ve come up with a few things to help you with that.

This is most important to us, we intentionally keep our overhead low by utilizing the web as our showroom, that means we can discount our shears deep and still maintain a reasonable profit (sorry, we’ve got to keep the doors open)


We’ve just added a payment option for our shears and we kept it very simple

Pick out the Shear of your choice from any of our categories

Go to checkout and review the criteria to purchase your Shear such as the down payment and the number of months we require to pay off that Shear

ZERO Interest

Absolutely NO finance charge and NO fees

NO penalty for paying it off early


Free shipping!

It’s really easy, we take the current price of the Shear YOU choose, subtract the downpayment and divide that by the number of months it takes to pay off the shear.

All of this is clearly spelled out when you check out.

We’ll need a valid debit or credit card to pay for the down payment, than we use that same card to make your monthly payments with. Every month we’ll stay in touch to let you know when your payment is due and what your balance is.