About Hioshi Shears - Professional Hair Stylist Shears


Hioshi was founded in 2006 by a hair stylist who developed most of the current products that we have in our collections today.  In 2010 Hioshi was bought by a Cosmetology School owner who diversified into the school industry and expanded Hioshi's line of shears.  



We really like to keep things simple.  Our shears have only two prices. $350.00 and $450.00. Our $350.00 priced shear is called our Premiere Collection and we make sure you're covered with the swivels, thinners and even a few that have some bling. It's the same shear everyone else is selling for $700.00 or more. 


For $450.00, the Masters Collection takes it a step up. There you'll find the jewels, fancy handle work and over the top bling. These are the ones you look at online that sell for over $1,000.00. 


There all made with  JAPANESE STEEL  and come with a  LIFETIME WARRANTY