I've used a lot of shears in my career and Hioshi is and always will be my go to shears. The Shaman make me feel confident especially when I'm doing  texturized cuts. I 'm able to be a lot more precise cut with the Shaman tip.


Sara C. 

Fantastic Sams


I bought my first pair of Hioshi shears about 10 years ago.  They are by far the best shears.  They are light in weight which is a huge benefit for me.  I usually work  8 - 12 hours a day, 5-6 days a week. I can honestly say I've never gone home with a tired or sore wrist, forearms or fingers. I truly think it is because of my shears.  I believe I've only had them sharpened 2 - 3 x in 10 years.


Bobbie R.

Stylin Edge Salon


I knew as soon as I picked up the Double Take that I was going to love this shear..  It was really smooth and I had such amazing mobility with this shear.  Since I bought it two years ago, I've cut a lot of hair with it and it's just as smooth today as it way the day I bought it.  I love my Double Take!!I  I love them so much that a lot of my friends have bought one and they all love them too.   Thanks Hioshi!!


Lasca Y.

Hurricane, Utah